Who the hell are you?

I'm Duncan, welcome to my portfolio. Images have inspired me from an early age, so now I'm creating my own. I currently work in TV as a Camera and Edit Assistant, with five years of experience in both factual and drama productions. 

TV huh. What else do you do?

Well, I consider myself an enthusiast photographer and particularly enjoy travelling to colder climates and lesser-known destinations. Amongst my favourite places are Iceland and Svalbard, countries which have inspired my eye for landscape photography.

I also have a huge passion for videogames and with the advent of in-game photo modes, I am able to get creative within virtual worlds too. You may have seen my Horizon Zero Dawn screenshots featured on the Playstation Blog or at E3 2017!

Okay... Any future plans?

I have always watched the games industry with great interest. Recently, I have begun teaching myself Unreal Engine 4 with a particular focus on its lighting and camera systems. Through this, I am also learning to build environments and would one day like to transition my existing skills and passion for images into games development.

Cool! What's the Best way to stay in touch?

Check out my portfolio and if you like what you see, let's chat. Thanks for visiting! :)