TapeHead Films


Well, we had a good run. TapeHead Films was set up in early 2009 to provide videography services for live performance and event recordings. We had the pleasure of working with some great bands and theatre companies in our time, but our founders have moved on with their respective careers. Now both working in the South Wales film and television industries, Duncan Birnie and Matt Hains wouldn't be where they are now without the valuable experience that TapeHead brought them.

They are both still available to work with, just not under their old name. As you've discovered, tapeheadfilms.co.uk now points to this page on Duncan Birnie's personal website. So if you're the exploring type, find out more about him by going to his homepage here.

For details on Matt Hains, please visit his pages on LinkedIn and Film and TV Pro

Thanks for visiting, see you around. 

TapeHead Films